Logistics, Technical support

Our business is about developing long-term relationships, safely and responsibly; it is built around the idea of ‘best service’ and openness, while providing the most competitive available price.

Gemcom’s expert in-house logistics department is dedicated to meeting our customers’ needs on quality, shipping and delivery. We understand that consistency and supply chain traceability are key issues for processors and their customers. We offer both security of supply (logistics) and purity of supply (Identity Preserved), with approved treatments on farm, in store and in transit all supervised and certified. Customer trust and loyalty is secured by regular demonstrations that Gemcom is, indeed, providing the service our customers need.

Gemcom has its own procurement manager based in China too who audits our suppliers and manages the pre-testing, positive release programme for shipments. This hands-on local level approach means we can smoothly manage international business from China.

“The Gemcom way is to work in partnership with customers for the long term, sourcing quality niche ingredients at a competitive price, backed by robust accreditations and expert industry sector knowledge.”

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