As a global trading company, Gemcom takes its environmental, social and governance commitment extremely seriously.
This commitment has seen Gemcom become one of the first commodity trading companies to sign up to GAFTA’s Sustainability Pledge, which covers key areas relating to supply, such as the provision of clean water and sanitisation and decent working environments as well as responsible consumption and production.

Gemcom works closely with customers, many of whom have zero carbon targets to achieve, working with them to reduce the footprint on the various commodities that we supply.
And as part of this commitment, we are funding a research project to calculate and compare the carbon footprint of various trade flows and constantly improve on the impact that global sourcing can have on the environment.

Our rigorous approach to the area of ESG means we are audited holders of Foodchain ID non-GM, ProTerra, Sedex B and Danube Soy certification.

“The Gemcom way is to work in partnership with customers for the long term, sourcing quality niche ingredients at a competitive price, backed by robust accreditations and expert industry sector knowledge.”

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