who we are

Launched in 2004, Gemcom is now an established and well regarded privately owned importer of grain and feed materials into the animal feed, pet food, human food and aquaculture industries.
Based in central London, our team of traders, supported by logistics and technical experts has successfully built business due to our philosophy of working in partnership with our customers; we don’t just trade in ingredients, we work as our customers’ sourcing partner.

what we do

While Gemcom trades in a wide range of materials, we specialise in niche ingredients, such as high protein cereal based meals and vegetable oils. We have a particular expertise too in the supply of organic raw materials. Gemcom imports and supplies from strategically located, accredited storage facilities and delivers to our customers in both bulk and bags.

“The Gemcom way is to work in partnership with customers for the long term, sourcing quality niche ingredients at a competitive price, backed by robust accreditations and expert industry sector knowledge.”

Gemcom Ltd, 66-68 Margaret Street, London, W1W 8SR