Human Rights and Modern Slavery Statement 2020

Launched in 2004, Gemcom is now an established and well-regarded privately-owned importer of grain and feed materials into the animal feed, pet food, human food and aquaculture industries.

Based in central London, our team of traders, supported by logistics and technical experts has successfully built business due to our philosophy of working in partnership with our suppliers and customers; we don’t just trade in ingredients, we work as our customers’ sourcing partner.

While Gemcom trades in a wide range of materials, we specialise in niche ingredients, such as high protein cereal-based meals and vegetable oils. We have a particular expertise too in the supply of organic raw materials. Gemcom imports and supplies from strategically located, accredited storage facilities and delivers to our customers in both bulk and bags.

Our Policies
Gemcom is committed to sustainable production of our products which can only be ensured by close co-operation with our suppliers. Gemcom is also fully committed to a supply chain free from modern slavery and human trafficking. To that end Gemcom have in place: –

Gemcom Ethical Trading Policy (Ref A-002)
Gemcom Health and Safety Policy (Ref A-003)
Gemcom Environmental Policy (Ref A-004)
Membership of SEDEX and the use of The Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code
Gemcom Policy Statement on Non-GMO Soybean Meal (Ref A-007)
Gemcom Quality Policy Statement (Ref A-008), which includes the policy to maintain feed safety through accreditation and the sole use of accredited suppliers of product and services.

Due Diligence, Staff Training and Risk Assessment
Gemcom risk assess all suppliers and products and ensure that we only source from suppliers who comply with the rule of law and are fully accredited to recognised schemes for food safety and responsible sourcing. We endeavour to regularly visit suppliers to assess current and ongoing activities as far back to origin as possible. All employees are trained in all policies at induction and on an annual basis.

Key performance indicators:
Gemcom ensures that 100% of it’s suppliers are accredited to a recognised feed assurance scheme. We commit over the next financial year to assess the compliance of our suppliers to ethical trading by auditing membership of SEDEX and completion of our own risk assessment and audit to SMETA standards.

Gemcom Ltd, 66-68 Margaret Street, London, W1W 8SR